Monday, 17 August 2009

So Into the Thick of It

Hi There

I found myself writing my life 'internet marketing' story in the heading so I had to abruptly stop myself and decide to assign the meat and potatoes to the posts; that is what the blog is for after all. Now understand that if you are quite new to this game yourself then you can certainly get an edge following me on here and using my tips and tricks on the various ways to make money on the net, and also the things to avoid if you want to NOT lose money! (No Brainer right?).

A lot of stuff I have come across is not so much rubbish, it is just aggressively marketed as 'Make money within a week using this system', when in actual fact it can take anything up to 3 - 6 months to start seeing any sort of returns. I always buy these sorts of promotions, glean the info and then get the money back before the money back guarantee runs out - no law against it! I think you could make money with some of these systems but it would require a hell of a lot of work and some shrewd moves, and some lady luck too.

I mean if you only learn one thing surely it's one more little string in your internet marketing bow? Please feel free to post and correct me if I am wrong and tell me how. Remember we are all always learning so none of us are perfect. You might have more knowledge on a certain aspect that I post but I will certainly tell you my level of expertise before I talk about anything, and my experiences and proof, or not, if it makes money.

I am quite busy just now with some projects but I will be covering the basics of cost per action and double opt-in marketing techniques to allow you to get an insight into this as I understand it, and how I am starting to experiment with it. I will also try and tell you all those hidden extras you might need with any reviews and will run through a budget and how to do a good internet business plan before you committ yourself to anything.

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