Sunday, 10 June 2012

Social Monkee Review

Social Monkee Review

My attention was brought to a tool - social monkee - that promises to build backlinks for your site. Now we want backlinks because Google will like us more, and rank us higher in the search engine right?

Well yes but I am not yet convinced that back linking with automation is a provable technique, maybe I am wrong but I have a sneaking suspicion Google has something in their algorithms that can spot mass populated, or automated, back linking and does not rate us any higher, perhaps even giving our site a lower ranking.

I stand to be proven correct but until then let us start out from a neutral point of view and look at this tool to see:

What it is?
What it does?
How much does it cost?
What Features are included in the account levels?
Does it do what it says on the tin?
Money back guarantee?

Now I have submitted a blog to social monkee to see exactly what results I get from it. It is too early right now to say if it has had any effect on the ranking of my site but let us at least review the overall concept and see what we do know, this will give us a springboard to review the overall results at a later date.

So lets address each point above:

What it is?

Social monkee is an "instant backlinker solution". You can use it in two ways:

  • On their site you can submit one URL once every 6 weeks (dependent on Membership - see below) for backlinking
  • Download a Firefox plug in tool and use it on your Web browser to automatically send URLs to social monkee

What it does?

It promises:

Create 25 inbound links every single day - This is dependent on membership levels.
All links are on UNIQUE C Class IPs and Domains!

Dramatically increase your number of backlinks
For better search engine indexing, rankings and traffic!

Increased online exposure and traffic for your site
For tons of targeted traffic, more leads and sales!

How much does it cost?

One off submission $3.97
One time payment of $7 - Silver Membership
Yearly $47 payment for Premium Membership
Ambassador Add-on $19.97 Monthly

What Features are included in the account levels?

This site looked like initially it was free membership, and the existing members were upgraded to silver membership without cost, the default membership is now the silver Membership level, which you pay $7 for.

Premium membership: Yearly investment of $47

  • You can submit 3 URLs to 100 sites each a day (300 potential backlinks)
  • For Even Better Search Engine Rankings and Even More Traffic
  • Get Access to Full Reports and RSS Feeds
  • Get Access to Advanced Training
  • Drip Feed Your Submissons Over up to 14 Days << see my notes below
Note: My suspicions are confirmed about mass URL back linking here they are inadvertently admitting that mass sudden URL back linking is probably an SEO no no; drip feeding URLs to back link on other sites means the Search Engine algorithms won't get "suspicious" of mass blanket URL back linking. Does this mean that only the premium Membership level is worthwhile, are you shooting yourself in the foot by using the other levels of MS?

    Ambassador Add-On Membership:

    This is an add on feature for both silver and premium members you cannot buy it on its own:

    • Submit 1 More URL Every Day
    • Get 25 More PR Backlinks Per Submission
    • Resubmit URLs After Only 3 Days as opposed to 6 weeks for silver and premium members
    • Auto-Pinging of Your Backlinks Through to Lindexed
    • Access to Our Private Facebook Group

    One off submission:

    You can also submit just 1 URL to 100 sites with a one-time submission to 100 sites for only $3.97

    Does it do what it says on the tin?

    I have not yet been able to judge what if anything it has done for one of my blogs, but from what I can see so far I am a bit sceptical about the mass URL back linking, would it be detrimental to your rankings in Google? The jury is still definitely out on that one but something tells me it is not all it's cracked up to be. Overall I do not think there is anything too negative in the actual idea behind it but my overall feeling is it maybe a bit overhyped in the actual claims, you may get these back links to hundreds of sites but how favourably does the Google algorithms look upon it, would 100 automated back links be as worthy as say 50 genuine ones you can post yourself?

    Money back guarantee?

    60 day MBG

    I will of course be watching this space and if you have any feedback of your own experience with this then please do post and let me know. I really hoped you enjoyed reading this; I strive to bring you unbiased reviews of a whole host of internet marketing tools, in return if you read a post and found it useful I want to encourage you to please leave your positive feedback below thank you very much.

    End of

    Social Monkee Review

    Have a good day

    Wednesday, 6 June 2012

    How do I Get on the First Page of Google

    How do I Get on the First Page of Google

    Good afternoon I hope everyone is well. It seems like an unachievable dream to answer the question - How do I Get on the First Page of Google - doesn't it but just not long after I started blogging on various topics I got one of my pages in a blogger account on to page 1.

    Now for instance try getting website on google for the search term "Lose Weight" and you will still be trying in a few Years! The trick is to target smaller niche markets with say 500 - 5000 searches a month per keyword, for instance in one of my blogs for helping singers improve their singing voice I had a Google page 1 rank for "Tips for holding notes longer".

    Now this page was on the 3rd or 4th page and to move it up to page one I done a lot of experimentation and investigation resulting in my successful link aimed at a target market on page 1 of Google. Now we may rest on our Laurels here, and it is good to see our hard work paying off, but we should always aim for more. To be honest it will be hard to get our positioning on that page to the very first position, this is usually reserved for Yahoo answers and Wiki articles etc.

    One of my voice coaching links is on 5th position of page 1, with 2 wiki articles and a Yahoo answers link taking up 1st/3rd/4th place, and an article in 2nd place. Now we should really be looking at how the askvocalcoach site is in 2nd place, look at the site and how long it has been up, the content etc. We can of course perform some more research on this.

    We can employ a lot of different tools to enhance our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) practices but I always believe that the more automation and fancy tools you use that you are not really learning the basics of the whole overarching concept of what SEO actually is, and how to build a good basic understanding of it so you can use it effectively longer term.

    This will help us try and get us up into maybe 3rd place. Now my attitude is if you are not in the top 3 of Page 1 then you have some work to do!! But in all seriousness we have plenty of options at our disposal and it won't take too much effort to really get our rankings up. So now you can begin to see some answers to your question - How do I Get on the First Page of Google - and believe me I will keep plugging away and bringing you the neat tips and tricks to further refine this process.

    I strive to bring you unbiased reviews of a whole host of internet marketing tools, in return if you read a post and found it useful I want to encourage you to please leave your positive feedback below thank you very much.

    How do I Get on the First Page of Google

    Tuesday, 5 June 2012

    Make Money From email List

    Make Money From email List

    Let me see, consider if you have the following:

    A great product with a great sales pitch
    A web site with attitude
    Technical Support
    Affiliate scheme
    ....and all the rest

    One question - who are you going to sell it to?

    Now I have been playing about with all sorts of different ideas in internet marketing for a few years now, granted I have had information overload many times in these few years but I do have persistence and I am starting to really fine tune my approaches now towards becoming an internet marketing "pro"!

    That information - what I have already read up on and taken action  - is what I am going to share with you, and more precisely to make sure you don't make the same mistakes I made. Ok you are going to call me a hypocrite with the next statement but you really need to make some mistakes when you are building up your "portfolio", it is no good handing you it all on a plate, and lets be honest no one is going to do that unless there is some kickback along the way, like me selling you a little eBook for my troubles :)

    And when you get the information you will find that you will still make mistakes because you have to remember that humans will find their own slant on someone else's work and tend to do things a slightly different way, even if you follow the overall plan. I have gotten some downright crappy courses but I have always managed to recognise errors/flaws in it and turn it to my advantage, or just learn from it.

    Some information marketers are selling genuine information and it does work but you have to actually find your own way of doing it, sometimes it just doesn't work "for you" in that way and you can find some courses are (by sheer coincidence) tailored to the type of approach you would take in doing the same activity.

    Overall though you have to have one thing and that is a plan. If I learned anything from my years as an IT developer it is you have to have a plan and STICK to it - sorry for shouting :) For instance we could be developing a system and seem ahead of time frames, everyone breathes a sigh of relief and then someone in the business comes along and says you know what if we could just have this little bit changed it would be so much easier. With our human kindness head on we want to say "Oh Ok", but as I said stick to the plan and remove humanness from the equation, we say NO - well usually :) .

    Ok sorry Back to the list

    :). So assume we had this...

    A great product with a great sales pitch
    A web site with attitude
    Technical Support
    Affiliate scheme

    But we need someone to market it too, we need to build an eMail list to sell it to. Lets approach the subject head on (that's a logical head I may say!) in this and the next few posts.

    In today's post lets just try and answer a few higher level questions and see where we get, then we can dissect them a bit more in the coming weeks.

    So the burning Overarching Question Is:

    How do we get a list?

    So then we have to ask:

    What type of list will it be?

    Now I hear people saying okay what do you mean what type of list is it, it's a list of email contacts (opt-ins or leads) who we can sell to - yes I say, that is right but we have to have our marketing head on this time.

    We need not a list but a Targeted List. No prizes for guessing what that I am using this blog and say I am putting up lots of regular posts with lots of really useful information on information marketing and I say to you look this is all great but do you want to be that bit further ahead of the game, really get the meat and potatoes on how to be a success at internet marketing, do you want to learn the insider tips and tricks for building lists, getting lots of backlinks, getting to the top of the search engines etc???

    I then say look just enter your name and email and you can join my newsletter and we will send you more really useful and actionable content ..... PLUS ... for the trouble of signing up you get a free eBook on building lists.

    So now you are on my list of targeted internet marketers who are hungry for information on this subject. I may have another blog on fishing or something and I do the same there. I do like fishing but it is not something I get overly excited about, I do love internet marketing and it is not only a hobby but a business venture, a serious one at that. That makes all the difference if you have a bit of an edge for something and you can form arguable and agreeable opinions on various subject within that particular topic, it really helps when you are writing about it.