Wednesday, 6 June 2012

How do I Get on the First Page of Google

How do I Get on the First Page of Google

Good afternoon I hope everyone is well. It seems like an unachievable dream to answer the question - How do I Get on the First Page of Google - doesn't it but just not long after I started blogging on various topics I got one of my pages in a blogger account on to page 1.

Now for instance try getting website on google for the search term "Lose Weight" and you will still be trying in a few Years! The trick is to target smaller niche markets with say 500 - 5000 searches a month per keyword, for instance in one of my blogs for helping singers improve their singing voice I had a Google page 1 rank for "Tips for holding notes longer".

Now this page was on the 3rd or 4th page and to move it up to page one I done a lot of experimentation and investigation resulting in my successful link aimed at a target market on page 1 of Google. Now we may rest on our Laurels here, and it is good to see our hard work paying off, but we should always aim for more. To be honest it will be hard to get our positioning on that page to the very first position, this is usually reserved for Yahoo answers and Wiki articles etc.

One of my voice coaching links is on 5th position of page 1, with 2 wiki articles and a Yahoo answers link taking up 1st/3rd/4th place, and an article in 2nd place. Now we should really be looking at how the askvocalcoach site is in 2nd place, look at the site and how long it has been up, the content etc. We can of course perform some more research on this.

We can employ a lot of different tools to enhance our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) practices but I always believe that the more automation and fancy tools you use that you are not really learning the basics of the whole overarching concept of what SEO actually is, and how to build a good basic understanding of it so you can use it effectively longer term.

This will help us try and get us up into maybe 3rd place. Now my attitude is if you are not in the top 3 of Page 1 then you have some work to do!! But in all seriousness we have plenty of options at our disposal and it won't take too much effort to really get our rankings up. So now you can begin to see some answers to your question - How do I Get on the First Page of Google - and believe me I will keep plugging away and bringing you the neat tips and tricks to further refine this process.

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How do I Get on the First Page of Google

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