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Social Monkee Review

Social Monkee Review

My attention was brought to a tool - social monkee - that promises to build backlinks for your site. Now we want backlinks because Google will like us more, and rank us higher in the search engine right?

Well yes but I am not yet convinced that back linking with automation is a provable technique, maybe I am wrong but I have a sneaking suspicion Google has something in their algorithms that can spot mass populated, or automated, back linking and does not rate us any higher, perhaps even giving our site a lower ranking.

I stand to be proven correct but until then let us start out from a neutral point of view and look at this tool to see:

What it is?
What it does?
How much does it cost?
What Features are included in the account levels?
Does it do what it says on the tin?
Money back guarantee?

Now I have submitted a blog to social monkee to see exactly what results I get from it. It is too early right now to say if it has had any effect on the ranking of my site but let us at least review the overall concept and see what we do know, this will give us a springboard to review the overall results at a later date.

So lets address each point above:

What it is?

Social monkee is an "instant backlinker solution". You can use it in two ways:

  • On their site you can submit one URL once every 6 weeks (dependent on Membership - see below) for backlinking
  • Download a Firefox plug in tool and use it on your Web browser to automatically send URLs to social monkee

What it does?

It promises:

Create 25 inbound links every single day - This is dependent on membership levels.
All links are on UNIQUE C Class IPs and Domains!

Dramatically increase your number of backlinks
For better search engine indexing, rankings and traffic!

Increased online exposure and traffic for your site
For tons of targeted traffic, more leads and sales!

How much does it cost?

One off submission $3.97
One time payment of $7 - Silver Membership
Yearly $47 payment for Premium Membership
Ambassador Add-on $19.97 Monthly

What Features are included in the account levels?

This site looked like initially it was free membership, and the existing members were upgraded to silver membership without cost, the default membership is now the silver Membership level, which you pay $7 for.

Premium membership: Yearly investment of $47

  • You can submit 3 URLs to 100 sites each a day (300 potential backlinks)
  • For Even Better Search Engine Rankings and Even More Traffic
  • Get Access to Full Reports and RSS Feeds
  • Get Access to Advanced Training
  • Drip Feed Your Submissons Over up to 14 Days << see my notes below
Note: My suspicions are confirmed about mass URL back linking here they are inadvertently admitting that mass sudden URL back linking is probably an SEO no no; drip feeding URLs to back link on other sites means the Search Engine algorithms won't get "suspicious" of mass blanket URL back linking. Does this mean that only the premium Membership level is worthwhile, are you shooting yourself in the foot by using the other levels of MS?

    Ambassador Add-On Membership:

    This is an add on feature for both silver and premium members you cannot buy it on its own:

    • Submit 1 More URL Every Day
    • Get 25 More PR Backlinks Per Submission
    • Resubmit URLs After Only 3 Days as opposed to 6 weeks for silver and premium members
    • Auto-Pinging of Your Backlinks Through to Lindexed
    • Access to Our Private Facebook Group

    One off submission:

    You can also submit just 1 URL to 100 sites with a one-time submission to 100 sites for only $3.97

    Does it do what it says on the tin?

    I have not yet been able to judge what if anything it has done for one of my blogs, but from what I can see so far I am a bit sceptical about the mass URL back linking, would it be detrimental to your rankings in Google? The jury is still definitely out on that one but something tells me it is not all it's cracked up to be. Overall I do not think there is anything too negative in the actual idea behind it but my overall feeling is it maybe a bit overhyped in the actual claims, you may get these back links to hundreds of sites but how favourably does the Google algorithms look upon it, would 100 automated back links be as worthy as say 50 genuine ones you can post yourself?

    Money back guarantee?

    60 day MBG

    I will of course be watching this space and if you have any feedback of your own experience with this then please do post and let me know. I really hoped you enjoyed reading this; I strive to bring you unbiased reviews of a whole host of internet marketing tools, in return if you read a post and found it useful I want to encourage you to please leave your positive feedback below thank you very much.

    End of

    Social Monkee Review

    Have a good day

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