Sunday, 6 September 2009

seo keyword research

SEO Keyword Research

If you are writing your own articles or using PLR articles you want to check that the articles has related keywords for your main keyword in it. So remember we has the main keyword 'improve golf swing' and then a list of related keywords like:

how to improve golf swing
how can I improve my golf swing
how to improve your golf swing

You wouldn't write an article with each of these terms stuck one after the other would you? You can also get punished by search engines for over using one phrase or known keywords too much, and also if you do this it just heightens the reader's awareness that the article is a promotional tool for a product, and it just wouldn't sound right would it. You want to make it look like those keywords just happened to be there.

What you can do to get an idea of other websites keywords go to Google and type in your keyword, see what site is listed first then next to the site listing click on 'cached'. This will show you a version of the site with the keyword phrase or parts of the keyword phrase highlighted throughout the site, in the heading and in articles.

Try it for 'improve golf swing'.

SEO Keyword Research

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Tips for Writing Your Own Articles and Publishing on Ezine

Hi Again

I hope you enjoyed my previous post on article marketing. If you have any questions or comments please post them as I will be able to help people even more if they highlight things they are not sure about.

So last time I promised to go through the things to do if you want to write your own articles, especially if you are going to publish them and use them to promote either affiliate products, your own products or a site or blog with an email opt-in.

I also promised to cover publishing tips for article publishing.

Lets start with writing your own articles. Whatever you are going to write about, and whatever target market you are aiming for you will want to have keywords in the articles so that when people search for say 'Tips for a better golf swing' your articles will have keywords related to that niche.

So say you were writing about how to improve your golf swing how would you find related keywords? Well you can use either of these free sites for a start:

Keyword Tracker Tool

Google Keyword Tool

Note: Related keywords are keywords including the term you are searching for that also include other words such as 'how to improve golf swing'. The main keyword is in bold and additional words in non-bold.

The first site gives you daily searches for keywords related to whatever you type in.

The Google keyword tool gives you a bit more. It gives you stats by month for local and global searches and it also gives you advertiser competition for each related keyword.

If you are going to write about improving your golf swing you would want to include the related keywords in your article. Now that is all very well but sometimes the related keywords do not lend themselves to being included in the article because they are very similar or are very repetitive.

Now the first link I gave you for the free keyword tracker tool, you need to go to that and type in what you are going to write about, say it is improving your golf swing, well put in a layman term such as 'improve golf swing'. Lets look at the results for that:

Daily Search Results for 'improve golf swing'

Can you see how many searches this has per day?

It has 2191 daily searches (this number may vary a bit) for the keyword improve golf swing

Now lets look at 'improving your golf swing'

Daily Search Results for 'improving your golf swing'

Can you see now how many returns this result has?

It only has 6 ??

What a difference but can you see how just taking 2 minutes to check your keywords for your articles can ensure the difference between success and failure?

If you never researched an article you were writing and just used the phrase 'improving your golf swing' instead of 'improve golf swing' related keywords you would be missing out on 2185 daily searches.

So now we have our main keyword we want to check what the related keywords are for this search term. We want to make sure we have a good amount of searches per day so we are entering a market with plenty of people hungry for information. How daily searches should you be looking for? Well a good figure is about 1000+ a day. You could go down to about 800 but I wouldn't go any lower.

So for the main keyword 'improve golf swing' the daily search results of related keywords is 2191 as you can see in the link. Note this may vary from day to day:

Daily Search Results for 'improve golf swing'

In the next posting we will look at the related keywords and how to analyse and use them in your article. Remember it is good to have review of what you have learned every so often. so sit and think about what you have just learned.