Sunday, 30 August 2009

More Tips For Article Marketing

Ok, firstly, in my last post I promised to share with you how to get your hands on 25 (amount can vary) or so articles for less than $5 (price varies too but not by much) to allow you to start publishing on article directories.

You might like to write your own articles and this isn't hard if you have a lot to write about - especially if you have a passion in that arena. So you may be wanting to promote a certain product, or get visitors to your site etc and you need some quality articles to get you going.

What you need to do is find a good supplier of quality Private Label Rights (PLR)articles. What this means is you can generally use the articles as your own and put your name to it, sounds good right? Well not everything is rosy in the garden but i'll show you how to get round that stumbling block in a minute.

Back to getting yourself some PLR articles. There are many vendors of these types of articles and it is really down to you to decide what ones are the best although for any articles I have needed I usually use, they supply articles in a variety of niches and they are usually quite good.

Some people supply only articles in a certain niche and all you need to do to find them is to Google this "[niche] PLR articles". Remember to replace the [niche] with the niche or area you are working in. Your niche could be 'improve your golf swing' or 'get better ABS'?

So what was the stumbling block I was talking about? Ok for this I need to divert to another area of article marketing for a bit. Search engine optimisation (SEO). Search engines hate duplicate content so if you have duplicate content on your site from a PLR article that someone else has bought and published then you will be penalised in the search engines for it.

How can you check if the articles have already been used? You can also check the quality of the articles before you buy and how many people have used them? Well what you can do is go to for instance and look at the article headings. In fact I will show you an example of this now.

Say your niche was golf. go to the link below and look at the titles of the articles:

PLR Store Golf Stuff

Copy the second heading and paste it into Google. Surround it with double quotes so it does not search each word individually as well as the heading.

Now in my search for the 2nd heading 'Achieving the Golf Swing of Pro Golfers' I have found this website on golf with this article title:

Golf Site

Now the article has the same heading as the one in the PLR store right? Yes but it may not be the article from the Private Label Right store, so how do you know?

Simple, look around the golf website for other articles with the same headings as the ones in your PLR store list. In the golf site you can also see:

'An empty box can help your golf swing'
'Basic golf swing mechanics'
'Golf swing fundamentals'
'Golf swings are just one aspect to win the game'

And more. So you can pretty much guarantee that these are the articles you are about to buy. So you can check them out, see how good they are and how many times they have been used.

To check how many times the article has been used copy the first paragraph and then paste it into Google with double quotes surrounding it. This will show you how many times the unedited version has been used.

it does not take much to change your article so that it is more unique to you and doesn't cost you penalties in SEO. for the article I used originally, 'Achieving the Golf Swing of Pro Golfers', the amount of times the unedited version has been used is thus:

Google Search Results for Article First Paragraph

You can see from the link it has been used 234 times (This may vary as people change layouts etc), so you would definitely want to be re-editing this for your own use.

Ok I promise to bring you the next parts on article marketing very soon.


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