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3 Top Tips for Article Marketing

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If you want to start building up an image of yourself as a niche or pro in a certain area then you cannot beat article submission to achieve this. Why is this so important? Well if you have an interest or passion in a subject and you also want to make money from it then writing an article on it is positive proof you have some authority, knowledge and expertise in the area, and people will be more inclined to listen to you, and ultimately buy things from you.

So lets get into the nitty gritty of articles.

What is an article?

Daft question you might think but try and give me a logical explanation of what it is, even I am struggling!! An article is a collection of paragraphs, written by an author, either on a certain topic, perhaps with some sub-topics. As always there is a beginning, which will give an overview of the topic(s) to be covered, then a more in-depth discussion in the main body then a conclusion to end it.

Articles for internet marketing are generally 250-500 words long. If your ultimate aim is to sell or promote something then you do not want the article to be very long and you so you do not want big paragraphs.

1)The best way to write an article for internet marketing is to have an intro paragraph about 4 or 5 lines then a collection of top-tips on the subject you are talking about.

2)I would also try and stick to under 10 tips. I currently have an article up and it has had over 30 views as opposed to the rest, which have had 10-15 views. Why? Well I reckon for one the article goes right into the bones of the topic and the heading includes '6 top tips for [subject]'. You do not want to bore someone to the point they switch off and never get to the end of the article. you can get away with 10 or more if the tips are really short.

The 'Top Tips' thing seems to be a favourite for internet marketing. And don't forget the ultimate aim of your article is for people to read and then sign up to your newsletter or to buy a product from you.

3)Don't worry too much about the length, as long as it is under 500 words but preferrably no less than 250. The article I was talking about earlier with over 30 views is quite short as opposed to the others.

I will be bringing you some technical tips on using links on your articles very soon and also more on article marketing including:

How to get a bunch of articles for less than $5, usually about 25 articles of 250-500 words.

Tips for writing your own articles.

And tips on publishing your articles to ezine etc.

See you soon


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