Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Easy Mistakes in Learning to Make Money Online (And How to Avoid Them)

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While wading my way through all the internet make money "guff" on the net I found myself getting confused and getting the 'One step forward 2 back' syndrome if you know what I mean? Why? Well every time I read some new 'Best Way to Do X' I thought wait a minute this is only their spin on how to say joint venture with someone but it might not be the way YOU would do it.

The mistake(s) I realised that I was making was trying to follow the guides to a T as if this guy's way was going to be the exact way I would do it too. Sure you can copy someone but how do you know it is going to work for you? The person writing the article may be writing it as a sales letter so may be leaving out the meat and potatoes, to tempt you with the sign up later on to find out the rest!

They may have more experience

They may have less experience

They may have other techniques they use that they are not fully explaining

So the best way is to watch the videos and read the articles

Take notes

Review the info you have taken in

and take any ideas from it that you may be able to slot into your own plan

But do not copy a plan word for word

Sometimes you may have an idea but are a little stuck with a certain aspect of doing this or that, but you may then pick up a snippet of info from another totally unrelated plan that can slot right into your plan and get you going.

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