Sunday, 6 September 2009

seo keyword research

SEO Keyword Research

If you are writing your own articles or using PLR articles you want to check that the articles has related keywords for your main keyword in it. So remember we has the main keyword 'improve golf swing' and then a list of related keywords like:

how to improve golf swing
how can I improve my golf swing
how to improve your golf swing

You wouldn't write an article with each of these terms stuck one after the other would you? You can also get punished by search engines for over using one phrase or known keywords too much, and also if you do this it just heightens the reader's awareness that the article is a promotional tool for a product, and it just wouldn't sound right would it. You want to make it look like those keywords just happened to be there.

What you can do to get an idea of other websites keywords go to Google and type in your keyword, see what site is listed first then next to the site listing click on 'cached'. This will show you a version of the site with the keyword phrase or parts of the keyword phrase highlighted throughout the site, in the heading and in articles.

Try it for 'improve golf swing'.

SEO Keyword Research

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